Hall of the Red Earl

This is one of the most unique attractions in Galway, and it’s tantalising to history enthusiasts. It was a central fixture in the 13th century, when Richard the Red Earl had it built to entertain guests and visitors. In reality, this banqueting hall was a tribute to his growing power.

The wonder of the Hall of the Red Earl is that it was lost to historians for several centuries. Despite the fact that it was located inside the medieval walls of Galway, archaeologists were unaware of its existence until the 1990s, when its foundations were uncovered during a Custom House expansion project.

The hall itself may have fallen into ruin, but its sturdy foundations remain. Today, they are encased in glass panelling for visitors to admire. More than a thousand ancient artifacts were uncovered as well—everything from gold cufflinks to clay pipes—and the finest of these are also on display.

Geo-Coordinates:    Latitude: 53.270934    Longitude: -9.054073