Lynchs Castle Galway

This is easily one of the finest castles in Ireland—especially when you confine the search to those that are located within major city limits. It’s actually a blockish stone house that was built in the 1300s. However, most of the original construction has been replaced. What you see today dates to roughly 400 years ago.

The main attraction at Lynchs Castle is the stone masonry. There are a few standout features, including Henry VII’s coat of arms. Beyond that, the gargoyles keeping watch over the castle are mesmerising. In addition to fending off ghouls and evil spirits, the gargoyles double as functional water spouts that redirect runoff from the roof.

On a side note: this is the only (complete) non-religious medieval building still standing in Galway. It stands four-storeys tall as a clear reminder of Galway’s historic prowess. In 1930, Lynchs Castle was purchased by Allied Irish Banks, to which we owe its restoration.

Geo-Coordinates:    Latitude: 53.273146    Longitude: -9.052366