Below you’ll find a map of all the Sights in Galway on offer in the area. Clicking on the red markers will display the name of the attraction, its geo-coordinates, and a link to more information. Below the map we provide a full list of Sights in the area including an image for each so you can get a real feel for what’s on offer.

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This seaside location to the south-west of Galway city centre is a popular place to retreat while visiting Galway…Visit Page
Just upstream from Galway Cathedral is the Salmon Weir Bridge—and beyond this, the Salmon Weir itself…Visit Page
Standing on the banks of the River Corrib and adjacent to the Spanish Arch, the Galway City Museum explores…Visit Page
This is one of the most unique attractions in Galway, and it’s tantalising to history enthusiasts…Visit Page
Browne’s Doorway has an interesting history. It stands rather out of place on Galway’s Eyre Square…Visit Page
Bold Art Gallery is a lot of fun—even if you don’t consider yourself an aficionado of the arts…Visit Page
Salthill is a seaside resort area on the fringes of Galway, and it’s a popular place for tourists—and locals…Visit Page
This terrace house is located opposite of St Nicholas Church. It was built in the late 1800s…Visit Page
This is easily one of the finest castles in Ireland—especially when you confine the search to…Visit Page
Galway’s cathedral may be relatively young, but the Collegiate Church of St Nicholas of Myra is …Visit Page
This cathedral’s full name is a mouthful: ‘Cathedral of our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St Nicholas’…Visit Page
Right in the heart of Galway city is Eyre Square, a public park that’s ideal for people-watching…Visit Page