Eyre Square

Right in the heart of Galway city is Eyre Square, a public park that’s ideal for to relax and take in the good weather. John F Kennedy visited Galway back in the 1960s, and in the ensuing JFK mania, the square was renamed ‘John F. Kennedy Memorial Park’ (you’ll also see his bust in the park). However, ‘Eyre Square’ is a lot easier to say, and most locals still refer to the park by its old name.

This is a particularly inviting green space, and that keeps Eyre Square busy throughout the year. On a fair-weather day, the park fills with locals and tourists, alike. You’ll also find a selection of some of the best Galway hotels in this area, including the Victorian-era Hotel Meyrick.

There are a few distinct sightseeing attractions in the park. Among these is Browne’s Doorway. This is a remnant of a mercantile mansion that was built elsewhere in the 17th century before it was moved here in 1905.

Geo-Coordinates:    Latitude: 53.273910    Longitude: -9.049473