Salmon Weir Galway

Just upstream from Galway Cathedral is the Salmon Weir Bridge—and beyond this, the Salmon Weir itself. The River Corrib is one of the primary salmon fisheries in Ireland, and the 9 km leg that runs through Galway city is teeming with the fish in their seasons.

The Salmon Weir controls the water level on Lough Corrib. It operates 16 hydraulic gates that you see from the bridge. This is a popular place for anglers to ply their trade. In addition to salmon, there are also plenty of trout and coarse fish in these waters. You’ll need to secure a permit to catch game fish (i.e. salmon and trout).

The official fishing season lasts from February to September. The bulk of the fish pass through during the early summer months (May to June), and during this time you can post up on the bridge and catch the sun glittering off the backs of salmon waiting to move up the weir.

Geo-Coordinates:    Latitude: 53.267654    Longitude: -9.050213