Salthill Galway

This seaside location to the south-west of Galway City centre is a popular place to retreat while visiting Galway. It fronts the Galway Bay and offers views of the Aran Islands off in the distance. Locals and tourist, alike, alike come here for the fresh air, shops and pubs.

The central attraction is the promenade (known as ‘the Prom’), which tracks with the coast for about 2 km. You can walk here from Wolfe Tone Bridge, beginning on the shoreline and then segueing to the Prom when it picks up. Plans are also underway to complete a massive extension of this boardwalk.

There are plenty of traditions associated with the Salthill Prom. Locals have a standing tradition of ‘kicking the wall’ once they’ve walked out from the city and are ready to turn around. On Christmas Day, you’re likely to see locals diving into the sea from Blackrock Diving Tower.

Geo-Coordinates:    Latitude: 53.262565     Longitude: -9.070427