Sheridans Cheesemongers

The Sheridan brothers got their start at the Galway City market selling fresh farmhouse cheese back in the 1990s. Their operation has grown, and Sheridans Cheesemongers now have shops in Galway, Dublin, Waterford and Meath. For high-quality, international cheeses and deli fare, it’s difficult to beat this Galway icon.

This shop features an exhaustive list of artisanal cheeses, including virtually every variety of Irish cheese the world has ever known. This includes a variety of raw milk cheeses. Each is made from the finest, farm-fresh ingredients and reflects the establishment’s commitment to authentic cheese-making according to old traditions and family recipes.

Many people visit the cheese shop below for takeaway and souvenirs, and they end up missing out on the upstairs dining room. The deli incorporates Mediterranean-style flavours and seasonings into its dishes. For example, there are several pasta dishes are paired with local cheeses to great effect.

Geo-Coordinates:    Latitude: 53.272381    Longitude: -9.054062