Spanish Arch Galway

The Spanish Arch is, perhaps, Galway’s most iconic fixture. It stands alongside the river new Wolfe Tone Bridge, and historians believe that it was originally a part of the city’s medieval walls. Technically, there’s nothing inherently Spanish about the Spanish Arch, aside from the fact that it was used to regulate the import of Spanish wine that arrived along the river.

The arch was originally built in the 16th century, along with three other arches. When Cromwell ploughed a line of destruction through Ireland in the 17th century, much of the walls were destroyed. This arch survives and has been carefully restored, and today it serves as an important (not to mention, attractive) point of reference in Galway.

The Galway City Museum was formerly built into the arch, though it has since relocated to a location directly behind it. If you’re looking to linger, a few restaurants and hostels in the immediate area command fine views of the Spanish Arch.

Geo-Coordinates:    Latitude: 53.270992    Longitude: -9.054277